4 days, 3 ferries, 2 bikes, 1 ride

Rapha Nocturne rolled around for its annual closed circuit racing in London and Rapha UK asked me and Andy to ride to Copenhagen where the next edition of the race will be held in August. I could go on about the route we took, how¬†epic it was, the changeable weather and everything in between but instead I’m just going to share some photos which I think capture what the entire ride was about.


Got to have chippy tea when you ride your bike far


Dutch Alps


28 wind turbines


Andy vs train


Audax Restaurant for breakfast


Bivvy day one


Wind turbines are a familiar sight in Europe




Sunrises set the tone for the day


Follow that line


A few gravel roads made a great change from the monotony of those long straight roads


Something’s not quite right here…


Clean sock day is always to be celebrated


Snug as a bug sleeping through his alarm


Doing one of many lunch runs


The final ferry to Denmark


Hellish crosswinds riding over bridges


The 151 all the way to Copenhagen


And finish.

I’m not going to pretend it was a walk in the park. It was hard, bloody hard at times but when you do a ride like this with the right people, right kit and your favourite bike, the good far outweighs the bad. I can barely remember the low points¬†because the good times were so good. I learned a lot about what I need to take next time (sleeping bag, Alpkit Hunka XL), I used TT bars for the first time and didn’t fall off, I got a couple of QOMs, I didn’t get eaten by bugs, we met some nice locals along the way, I dusted off my rusty German, I had a mechanical that in another life I would’ve freaked out about but I just kept going, I didn’t shower for three days, I burned 16,000 calories and I had a flipping amazing time.

If I can ride my bike 1015km to Copenhagen in four days, where else can and should I ride? Time to expand my horizon even more.


Photos by me, Andy Matthews and Jakob Kvist.

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