I’m Grace or GLS as I’m affectionately known in some circles.

I grew up not far from Leicester, moved to Adelaide when I was 15 where I finished high school, got a degree in Commerce (Marketing & International Business) from the University of Adelaide along with a Diploma of Language (German) then moved back to the UK in October 2014 for a job.

I like to ride my bike and I want to ride it more. I’m not about to win any elite races or take the world by storm but I’m out there, riding around up and down hills on the weekends and commuting to work. First and foremost, I’m a roadie but I’ve dabbled in track and cyclo-cross recently with different success rates.

My inventory consists of three beautiful Giant bikes:

  • Defy – my first road bike which I got in November 2013. Everything I know about cycling was learned on this bike so there’s a huge sentimental value attached to her.
  • TCX – my first cyclo-cross bike. I haven’t done much on her yet but I’m learning and cyclo-cross is a lot of fun, despite what my face says in many photos!
  • Propel – she’s undergone a transformation with a dynamo wheelset ready for long-distance adventures. She makes me look fast and like I know what I’m doing…

I’m a proud ambassador for Rapha UK and a member of RCCMCR.

If you would like to get in touch, contact me at: [email protected]