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We live in a very digital world ruled by the Facebook and Instagram lords that we so despise and at the same time adore with our every being. I have said numerous times how I’d love to just disconnect from social media and used my job as the reason I can’t and won’t.

The truth is, I’d feel a bit empty without it. I very much appreciate face-to-face contact above any other, however in this global world, that’s sometimes impossible.

Having family in either of two countries meant Facebook was an absolute rock for keeping in contact with those people. Now that I’m back in my “motherland” as it were, it’s crazy to think I’d have once considered myself without it.

Today it became apparent that some of the friendships I’ve forged on social media alone are worth their digital weight in gold. I’ve followed @lotdeux on Instagram for a long time now and lust over all her posts. She recently launched Babes Ride Bikes and has sold her very first item: the jumper.

My sister is bringing it over with her when she arrives along with the rest of the contents of the parcel including the letter above.┬áIt means so much to be recognised for doing something I love by supporting someone else chasing their dreams. I can’t wait to be back in Adelaide where I’ll get to hang out with this lovely lady and talk shit about bikes and cycling and women on bikes being babes.

That’s all for now. I need my jumper and no, I don’t care that it’s almost summer in the UK!

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