Moving Swiftly On

There’s been a radio silence on GraceQOM for a while in part due to my lack of cycling and general adventure but also because I’ve only gone and got myself a whole new job!

I’ve always thought of myself as quite risk averse in many elements of my life but looking back in hindsight and I realise I’m quite the opposite. I was the girl in school who went on her own to try out at the local hockey club before a few of the other girls eventually joined (and did better than me, I might add) once they knew it was alright. I was the girl who threw herself into trail running and eventually cycling even though I didn’t know anyone else who did it and thought I’d be the burden of the groups I was joining in with. Turns out that went ok for me and I’ve since made some of my best friends through sport. I was the girl who applied for a job in Manchester from Adelaide not knowing anyone and never having visited the city before. Now I’m the girl whose friend asked her to work for him at a new marketing startup and give up a pretty awesome job at the National Governing Body for cycling in Great Britain.

I started at British Cycling a little over three years ago. I never expected to get the job and to this day I don’t really know why I applied without any sort of plans in place to move countries (again). It’s been one of the best things I’ve done not only personally but also professionally and it’s testament to what happens when you take a little risk. Of course, I couldn’t have done any of it without the help of my fantastic family who are still twiddling their thumbs waiting for me to book a one-way flight back to Adelaide – I hate to break it to you folks but that’s just been pushed back a while.

Team sans Josh Brooks who was snowed in back in Malvern.

I’m joining 4Seasoncollective in the new year where I’ll be responsible for generating content for our clients, being chief of email marketing and learning the ropes of PR under the guidance of Bruce, my friend and now bossman. One of my favourite things to do is write and write about the great outdoors so I’m really happy that I can get paid to do this now – cue tweets about writer’s block! Given the company is new to the marketing scene I’ll give you a bit of background as to what we’re all about:

  • We all love cycling and being outdoors, mainly in the Peak District
  • Between us, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge about the cycling industry and each of us conveniently enjoys different disciplines of cycling. Bruce loves cyclo-cross, I love road cycling and long-distance endurance, Eloise loves touring, Josh is a mega mountain biker, Ellie has grown up around the sport thanks to her family and Jack likes photographing all of the above.
  • We’re local, kind of. Bruce and Ellie grew up in Derbyshire with their family home in the middle of the Peaks, Eloise is over in Sheffield, Josh splits his time between the Peaks and the Malvern Hills and as for me? I might not sound like I’m from round these parts with my hybrid Austro-English accent but I’ve spent more than enough time on a bike around the Peaks where I feel at home in a place none of my family is.
  • We’re young and half female – how good is that?! I’m one of the older members of the team at 27 and at the moment, we’ve got a pretty strong 50/50 male to female split. How many companies can boast those sorts of statistics?

Bruce and his three wise women

With this professional move also comes a house move – I can’t possibly commute to Matlock from Manchester every day so I’ll be shifting into the hills and far away…well not too far away. I still love Manchester and it’s where a lot of my friends are so I hope to be a regular fixture around the area but based in the beautiful surrounds of hills I curse at while I’m riding.

Shameless plug coming right up…

So, if you’re looking for some great people to help you/your company out with marketing you can give me a shout any time and if you’re ever around Matlock or the Peak District, I’d only be too happy to make you a brew and show you around the local hotspots.

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  1. Exciting times – again! Good luck in your new venture. Looking forward to the next instalment…..

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