Rapha LBL Tribute

Nicole Grace Pulling Faces

Some rides don’t need much more context than just a photo and Saturday’s ride was one of those. 195km, 2,800m of climbing with amazing people one some really tough roads.

There was a window of 20km at around 160km where I really questioned what I was doing. I think I was mid-bonk (…cycling terminology people!) and couldn’t eat enough, not least because I was down to my last gel, only had half a peanut bar left and still about 30km to go. I fully fell off the back – more so than usual – and couldn’t for the life of me get my legs to turn even my granny gear. I was suffering and there was absolutely no glory in sight.

In the end though, the camaraderie got me through. Nicole and Dan offering me food, Aleda coaxing me up a hill, the others waiting at the top as I tried my hardest to get up the hills. We started as a team and we finished as a team, which was so great. We were last to get to the pub but I think we possibly had the best time.

Moral of the story: live outside your comfort zone with others doing the same.

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