TCRNo5: how to follow me

I’ve had a lot of requests for tracking information so I’ll give you a rundown of how you can keep tabs on me while I’m en route to Greece next week.

SPOT Tracker

I’ll have my SPOT on at all times (it’s in the rules) which is a satellite tracker. You’ll be able to zoom in on wherever I am, check where I might be eating, suss out the weather I will be experiencing and see for yourself on streetview (excl Germany and Austria) what I’m likely to be looking at. It’s really quite creepy but also reassuring for family and friends who think I’ve lost the plot.

Official SPOT link:

I’ll do my best to keep in touch on social media using my own unofficial hashtag #MattentaartOlympics, so if you don’t follow me already, here are my twitter and instagram links:

Every rider is designated a cap number and activity for me will be under the hashtag #TCRno5cap196 so you can look there too.

Them’s the rules

This is a totally unsupported race and that means that I can’t have any outside help including from fellow racers. For this reason, you beautiful dotwatchers must do only that: watch. If I tweet that I’m having trouble with my tyre and you see there’s a bike shop 5km down the road, don’t tell me! If I say that I’ve lost my shoes somewhere, that’s too bad for me – don’t post me some to the next town. Also, don’t tell me how I’m placing compared to other riders.

Send me encouraging words, funny stuff that your cat did, a picture of your really cute proper-sized dog, make me laugh. I’ll really appreciate any of the above.

There’s more to this race than me

Worryingly, there are so many other people out there who love to do this so don’t forget to drop them a line too. The kindness of strangers is something we’re all looking forward to not least internet strangers.

The official TCR media outlets are:

This is likely my last blog post before the off on Friday – scary! It’s all very real and still mildly terrifying but having spoken to a couple of people the last few days, I have to believe in myself and all the training I’ve done to this point. I’ve worked bloody hard to earn my place on the Muur, I’ve cried on the bike during huge audaxes when the going got tough, I’ve cried off the bike when I got worried about silly stuff. I’ve slaved over RidewithGPS, Strava Heatmaps, Google StreetView and whatever other data I could get my hands on in the lead up to this. Riding it will probably be the easiest bit.

The race begins at 22:00 CEST in Geraardsbergen.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Thanks Grace, this information is brilliant, got it all printed out and ready to pin up in the study. We know you will do this because you are our GINGER NINJA. good luck and enjoy. ma, pa, bets & aud xxxx

  2. Thank you for giving me a dot to follow, we chatted for a while riding in the Cotswolds during LWL (both our first 400k). Since then you have pushed yourself to another level, chapeau.

    Now you have scratched TCR enjoy a more relaxing ride in Slovenia, maybe one day I will find out whether I can handle the distance, I know already I would not have survived the heatwave.

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