The 06:35 to London

sunrise from the train

I initially wrote this blog on the train on my way down to London. It was early, I felt creative and I decided to spill a few words on to good old-fashioned paper.

Today is my first solo trip to another city for work which is quite exciting.The early start has reminded me that I shouldn’t be so lazy – I was once in the habit of waking up at 5am, going for a run or meeting friends for a bike ride before the sun was up. Admittedly, this was back in ADelaide during summer, when the temperature would be above 30ยบ by 6am. Those were the days!

07:10 – the sun is up. dawn breaks.

The conference I’m going to today is for membership in sport so I guess it’ll be 100% relevant to what I do in a usual day. I’m looking forward to it. Anything I can attend or do to make a difference to cycling is a massive win for me.

bound to the city life.

England really is a stunning country and I think I had forgotten this in my absence. The quaint cottages in the countryside that are themselves older than Australia as we know it today (colonisation etc. I realise & respect the indigenous people prior to this).

too busy earnin’.

I sometimes wonder what I’ll end up achieving in my time here on this beautiful planet of ours. Realistically, I think I am at the half way point of my caereer goals. Perhaps one third. I levelled up when I scored this job at British Cycing. It’s really a great place to work and the people make it even better. We are passionate about the sport: the past, the present and importantly the future. I already met some wonderful humans here, both within BC and outside through the likes of the Rapha Cycle Club in town. I never thought I’d get opportunities like this but I’m so grateful.

i’m having the time of my life!

Ironically, I’ve got to know the Australian cycling scene a lot better since moving away. Perhaps my heart strings tugged at Aussie connections. My presence on instagram & twitter is getting stronger through my cycling posts. I feel like one day my opinion might matter (I’m referring to my cycling opinion – of course I matter in general!). When I get a little more cash and creative flair, I’m going to start a cycling blog and share my stories, rides, pictures etc.. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but I need to put my whole being into it and give 100% instead of being a half arsed attempt like I’ve previously done.

I’m somewhere between Stoke-on-Trent and Rugby right now and the scenery this train is exposing me to is absolutely stunning. There are lush green fields as far as I can see, the sun is full, skies dappled with clouds and mist off the frosty ground elevating minute by minute. When I see these views, I feel so lucky to be alive. This might sound too deep and profound for a Tuesday morning but I am extremely fortunate to wake up every morning, have everything I need, enjoy my job have wonderful parents and family around me (near and far), live in a developed country and experience happiness every day.

08:16 – should’ve brought sunglasses

While the air conditioning on this train appears to be working way too efficiently for a mid-winter’s day, the sun thinks it’s mid-summer and I’m actually squinging through rays of light. No complaints here thought, aside from the fact it’s perfect riding weather and I’m on a train instead!

08:46 – now arriving at london euston.

write up page 1 IMG_20150221_215304 IMG_20150221_215312

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