This time next week

Manchester to London will be complete in one week’s time so I thought it would be appropriate if I shared some thoughts leading into this huge challenge.

First of all: where the hell did time go? I swear this event has been on the horizon for so long now and suddenly it’s next week and I’m actually riddled with nerves.

I’ve received the briefing document containing vital information about the pasta pre-party, kit requirements and the event itself which all seems to make sense and is straight forward but now I have this dilemma where everything needs charging (lights, garmin, phone, more lights, gopro etc) and only two plugs to do it in. This therefore means, it’s going to be a week of logistics and good timing (hopefully).

Tomorrow, I’m going to make sure all my kit is washed so I have a selection of everything to choose from. Obviously it would be foolish to pick my outfit now. Michael Fish might tell me it’s going to be sunny and you know what happened last time he said that…

Later in the week, I’ll begin charging up various items in particular my lights. I’ve got a couple of good front lights as well as flashing front and back. I’ll be lit up like a Christmas tree. With my limited plug supply, this could take quite some time.

I need to upload the route to my garmin, however on the day I’ll be switching off navigation in order to preserve battery. On a related note, I’ve got two power packs which will need charging. They’re going to make sure both my phone and garmin never die.

I’m going to hydrate well this week. One of my main cycling flaws is that I never drink enough water so I’m going to sink at least 2 full bidons a day for the next week. That should put me in good stead.

I’ll also need to fuel well. I cooked a vegan shepherd’s pie earlier which should last me about three years (why is it so hard cooking for one person? I could feed the 5000 with everything I’ve made today). I also have a plan to make some bliss balls but we’ll see if that idea ever materialises.

My return train tickets should arrive on Tuesday at which point I need to place them with my railcard and store that in an obvious place. I have a habit of travelling without my railcard.

I’ve got new 25mm Continental GP4000s on their way along with 5 tubes and 2 quick links. I’ll need to switch my tyres over and put fresh tubes in my saddle bag. I also need to buy CO2 canisters. For reference, in the last 2 days I’ve had 2 punctures but I exploded a tube when I was fixing one of them. I’ve got to remember to give my bike the once-over. Check my brake pads and if they’re looking bleak, I’m going to need some new pads. Lube chain, tighten cables etc…

Really, the only unknowns are:

  • Kit, which is based on…
  • Weather including…
  • Northerly tailwinds

I feel confident as I write this. I am a fit cyclist, I can ride a bike, my bike works and I’m looking forward to the day.

I’m also looking forward to showering and sleeping that night too.

Wish me luck!

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