Work with me

I’m a big fan of words, to the extent that I get paid to write them.

I’ve been lucky enough to work for 4Seasoncollective since the start of 2018 and we’re always looking to grow as a marketing agency. If you would like to work with me, I’ve provided a rundown of the skills I possess:

  • Copywriting
    I’ll write until the cows come home. I love it! I can supply words for your website, marketing materials, social media and just about anything else you can think of.
  • Proofreading
    I know my way around an apostrophe and I’ve got a bad habit of pointing out poor grammar even to those who don’t want to know. To be taken seriously as a brand is to be grammatically correct, most of the time (artistic licence and all that…). I’ll check that your document, article or other literary cargo flows like the River Derwent and as consistent as Derbyshire’s poor weather.
  • Tone-of-voice
    Your brand requires its own unique voice and I’ll happily provide advice and useful resources for communicating the story moving forwards.
  • Social Media
    Hand over the reins of your social media accounts and I’ll look after the day-to-day management and scheduling of content. I’ve worked with both new and establish brands to build their audience, engagement and content.
  • Email marketing
    I appreciate a well curated email newsletter and with GDPR now upon us, is more important than ever to drive open and click-through rates in the best way possible. My experience with large and small databases offers clients safe hands for their email marketing.

I’d love to communicate the value of your product or service to users of the cycling, outdoor and sporting industries. I’m based in the Peak District with easy access to Sheffield, Manchester and other surrounds towns and cities. If you’re lucky enough, I might even turn up on my bike!

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