Autumn Day Out Audax

On Saturday 12th October, I rode the Autumn Day Out 150km Audax from Trowell in Nottingham. Find out how I got on along with all the rookie mistakes of trying to make my first YouTube video 🤣

The route was fairly ordinary as far as exciting routes go: very few highlights, plenty of Roman Roads, bit of a headwind and no notable climbs. For this reason however, it makes a really good beginner’s route as it gives you a flavour of what audax is all about without the need for complex controls or energy-draining terrain.

Let me know what videos you’d like me to make as the season goes on (does it ever end?) and I’ll do my best to facilitate them.


  • Kevin Cunniffe

    I ride those roads quite a bit, especially the bit between Sawley, Kegworth and East Leake. As you say not very exciting but once you reach Long Lane, Sawley very quiet. The power station you mention I pass regularly. When our family moved from Ireland in ’67 my father got a job there on construction and i recall visiting it before it was commissioned and pulling in under the cooling towers as my father had to go and speak to someone as I sat in the car. Always brings back a memory.

    So I enjoyed watching but audio on the quiet side until last ~30 seconds.

    • GraceQOM

      Thanks Kevin. I know I have some work to do with audio levels – I’m so conscious of looking like I’m talking to myself 😂 I’d be quite interested in going around the power station, so I hope they have plans to open it up at some point.

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