I’m back

What a month it’s been! I simultaneously lost over a year’s worth of blog posts including those in the lead up to the Transcontinental Race and also done a fair bit of new stuff, which I’ve been unable to upload in my quest to restore everything. Unfortunately the restoration process was all in vain and I haven’t been able to recover anything since August 2016.

Instead of thinking about what I’ve lost, I took the opportunity to give GraceQOM the makeover it deserved and I’ve now got a website I’m pretty proud of and one which I’m looking forward to populating in the future. I’ve got a whole load of exciting activities coming up in the next few months, some of which I can’t wait to share.

If you wish to know more about my endurance cycling/audaxing, drop me a line. I can answer any questions which were previously covered in the deceased blog posts and I’ll continue to blog about future cycling adventures, too.