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Pursuit of Happiness

This week is a big week for track: I have my stage 3 accreditation assessment on Sunday night! Before I go into that though, I did my first 2km individual pursuit. I have never measured my performance on the track so I had no idea how fast or slow I was on my own accord.

A 2km individual pursuit involves 8 timed laps of the 250m velodrome. I did a rolling start – I haven’t yet mastered the art of the track stand and I continue to envy those who have. I did a couple of laps around the top to build up some speed then cut to the chase and dropped down to the black line. I never realised just how long it takes to cover 8 laps!

I kept thinking “Grace, you have 8 laps to do here, pace yourself. If you go out too hard, too soon, you’ll do a Bobridge and turn yourself inside out only to fall short on your expectation”. From my times, I can see I did just that, I added about a second on to each of the first 5 laps then I finished a little stronger on the final spin.

I would class myself as a pursuit track cyclist. I can’t do short, fast bursts, I’m about pace and time in the legs. Whenever we do intervals, I end up wearing myself out with 3 more sprints to go before I can coast on the Cote d’Azur.

Since my effort this morning, I’ve set myself a goal. I want to complete a 2km individual pursuit in under 3 minutes. My time from today was 3:11:57 so I have some work to do. This means I’ll have to average 40km/h which isn’t totally unattainable. I think I’ll need to look at putting a bigger gear on my bike so that I’m more efficient in transferring power.

individual pursuit 6th march

As I mentioned before, I have my stage 3 assessment on Sunday night so I’ll be taking it easy tomorrow with the beautiful Manchester weather that’s been forecast: 17º! I will be doing a few things around International Women’s Day as well this weekend including a cycling film called “Half The Road” about the differences between men’s and women’s professional cycling and the Festa Della Donna right with Rapha CCMCR on Sunday morning.

I’m really enjoying myself right now and I’ve found so many people I like and so many things I love doing.

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