Watt’s going on?

It’s been a short while since I updated my blog but rest assured I’ve been doing so much cycling, which is probably why.

For those unaware, a few weeks ago a drunk guy walked out on me as I was cycling down the side of some stationary traffic. I broke my wheels but I’m otherwise fine and it’s a shame the guy who walked out on me managed to get away unscathed too. I set about claiming from my insurance as soon as I got home and Bikmo were brilliant. Within a week, the money was in my account and I’d already negotiated a wheelbuild to replace my broken hoops.

In the meantime, my friend Oliver leant me his wheels so that I could still ride my bike. I have other bikes but none with wheels compatible with this bike.

I went to the Alps in July for a week climbing most of the cols local to Megeve. It was brilliant and somewhere I can’t wait to revisit. I managed to get myself up the Aravis, Colombiere, Saisies, Forclaz (Montmin), Domancy, Bettex and probably a whole host of others that I forget. I woke up to views of Mont Blanc every morning, practised my pre-school French daily and made new friends all in the same week. It was easily the best week I’ve ever had on my bike.

Women's 100 Annecy
Women’s 100 Annecy
Col Des Aravis
Col Des Aravis
Col de la Colombiere
Col de la Colombiere

After the Alps, I did RideLondon, which I didn’t enjoy at all. To summarise, my wave was full of people who seemingly dusted down their bike for that one event, had never ridden with others before and who expected me to read where they’re going to go next. I also did it alone and 160km is a long time to ride alone, exhausted by everyone else’s cycling. And Box Hill isn’t a hill.

This brings you up to date with present day where I bring you my newly updated steed.

Rewinding slightly to a day at work when Verve Cycling put a call in the British Cycling member newsletter for study participants, I thought I’d put my name forward. The worst that could happen is they say no, which was what they initially said. Then a couple of days later, I got another email saying they want me! So my friends, I am with power meter and I’m so excited to see what how it can help me improve my cycling and particularly my climbing. Tomorrow (Wednesday 10 August) I have to do a sort of FTP after work. I’ll probably look very worse for wear so I look forward to sharing the results of that with you.

For now, here’s my beautiful bike in its up-to-date state. She’s very pretty now.

Giant Propel, new wheels, power meter
Giant Propel, new wheels, power meter

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