What’s up 2019?

First of all…I’M SORRY I NEGLECTED MY BLOG FOR SO LONG. My blog was such a mess and then I changed my job so it was all thrown by the wayside while I figured out self-employment. The good news is I’ve got plenty to be sharing with everyone both from this year and moving forward. So let’s bring you up to speed.

My main goal for this year is Paris-Brest-Paris and I’ve been in the throes of qualifying for that since the end of February. I’ll delve more into PBP in another post – it’s worth a standalone piece to be honest. I’ve so far done my 200, 300 and 400 qualification rides and all have brought about their own unique experiences: the 200 was fast, the 300 was during a storm and I got a PB during the 400.

Other than riding my bike a Bloody Long Way, I have been trying to carve my way through freelance world. It’s hard. People told me it would be hard. The good days are great and thoroughly rewarding, but the bad days are hard and make you feel like you’re worthless.

Don’t get me wrong: at this moment in time, I wouldn’t trade my position for the world. I have some amazing clients, I’m challenged in ways I never thought I would be and learning the ropes of business ownership is really humbling.

It’s taken time. In many ways I had to leave my blog to channel my energy into creating Heaps Good Words and everything that’s come with that but it’s time to end the hiatus! I’m back and I’m back on a regular basis. I’m ready for my word juices to flow (ew.) and delight you all with tales from two wheels.

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