Wild camping in the Peak District

What a night! Lorna and I decided that the wonderful weather forecast warranted some much-needed time outside so we packed our bags and hiked from Bradwell to Glossop with an overnight stop up a hill. Wild camping is so much fun: fewer people/noise, amazing views over some of the country’s greatest landscapes and a feeling that you’re cheating the system.

As always, if you’re going to do this make sure you leave no trace and be safe.

This is my first venture into vlog world and I actually really enjoyed the process of getting snippets of footage and editing it into something people might enjoy watching. If you’ve got any friendly tips, post them in the comments either here or on YouTube.

The weather played ball the whole time as did my sunscreen application but we did run into a few rookie problems and I’m ashamed to admit them given I have a long history of self-sufficient adventures.

We didn’t have enough water

It’s not unusual to run out of water on a hot day and have to locate a water source to refill, however we cut it very fine. Always remember to pack either a filter or purification tablets like we did.

We had to ration our food

This was a huge error. Usually we’ll pack more than enough to sustain us for any eventuality but we wanted to consider the lightweight approach and not carrying anything unnecessarily. We literally ended up having to space out our food with no room for manoeuvre. Next time, the first aid kit will include some energy chews and we’ll also just pack more for snacking throughout the day.

The porridge was burnt

The thing with camping stoves is they’re very good at heating stuff up from the bottom to the top meaning whatever you’re cooking can get stuck to the bottom of the pan. This was the case with Lorna’s porridge pot but in the absence of anything else to chow down on in the morning, we had to put up and shut up.

If you’re curious which route we took, here it is:

Let me know any other adventures you’d like to see. Got plenty planned through the summer so hopefully it won’t be long until there’s a bit more video from me.


  • Dave Roberts

    Enjoyed the video – but that breakfast was a nightmare. On a lightweight trip avoid cooking anything in a pan, just boil water and ditch the bowls.

    Pour and store bags are your friends

    Top tip breakfast is get some 3 for a pound instant porridge pots. Pour one into a pour and store bag, add nuts, small dried fruit, a bit of muesli, whatever..add boiling water and eat from the bag.

    Supper, something similar with Instant noodles in the bag, throw away the dodgy sachet of MSG and add..sun dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, diced chorizo and again eat from the bag. Ainley Harriot’s cous cous works well too with a bit of a boost.

    • GraceQOM

      I definitely need to work on my meals but I don’t think those porridge pots are the answer. I’m trying to reduce waste not add to it for the sake of an indulgent night in the woods. I think your boiling water rather than the meal idea might have legs though so I’ll give that a whirl.

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